Monday, January 25, 2010

Using Video to Build Your Internet Presence

I have been using video to promote this blog. Now I am using it on the blog to demonstrate how I use it. I make teaser videos which tell people to go to my blog to learn more information about different topics. I then promote them on 22 video sites, 10 podcast sites, 5 bookmarking sites, and 3 status sites. I also post it on the wall of my Facebook page.

Sending my video to all of these sites would be quite a task if I had to find each site, sign up with each of them and manually submit to each site. Luckily, I have found a program called Traffic Geyser which does it all for me. All I do is upload my video to their site, choose which sites I want to send the video to, what website I want to draw traffic to and when I want to send out the video. It prompts me for the name of the video and the description, tags and the category of the video. It gives me the likelihood of acceptance with each site. Some sites require that I choose a special category. Then with one click of the mouse, it submits to all of these sites.

This tool has expedited my ability to promote my videos to get more traffic to my site. Traffic Geyser has videos and a user guide which explains how to use their program. They also have software that creates unique capture pages for your promotion. Another nice feature with Traffic Geyser is the ability to upload a video from YouTube and the feature changes the video to get rid of the YouTube watermark and the link to similar videos at the back of your video that are displayed on YouTube. Now you can store your video on YouTube but display it on the website for your business without having it jump to your competitors’ links at the end of your video.

Because so many people are using video cameras to promote themselves on YouTube, people have gotten used to seeing videos which do not have professional lighting and are not of the best quality. Even though I have a decade of experience in the film industry, I do not concern myself with getting professional lighting for my videos. I feel that it is more important just to get the information out to the world.

I videotape myself on mini-DV tape using an inexpensive Sony Handycam. You can even use a webcam but I prefer to use the video camera. I place it on a tripod and face the LCD panel toward me so I can adjust the lighting and my placement in the frame. I turn on the camera and shoot the video of my promotion. I have a DV connection to connect my video camera to my computer. I import the video into Windows Movie Maker. I create a subtitle at the beginning of my promo with the title of the blog post I am promoting. I create a title at the end of the video with my website address. I also do a voice over on the end title spelling out my web address. I do this because many of the podcast feeds are audio only and they can’t see the titles.

Google likes videos so my videos show up on the first page for specific keywords as often as my articles and blog posts. This is a triple whammy.

You can get Traffic Geyser by clicking here.

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