Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Writing Articles to Grow Your Business

MLM Lead System Pro, an online training and recruiting system for network marketers held a contest in the fall of 2009 for the most recruits into their system. The winner of the top prize, a 2 year lease on a BMW 335i Coupe, was David Wood, a broke homeless guy living in his van in Alaska.

How did he manage that? He built his business in 4 months by writing articles, submitting them to directories and linking them back to his website. He beat out all the other top producers who were spending lots of money using pay per click marketing. The more articles he wrote, the more often one or more of his articles appeared on the first page of Google for a given keyword bringing more people to his website.

Daegan Smith, a millionaire internet marketer who is an expert on pay per click marketing, also believes that he has received most of his business because he is a prolific article writer.

By establishing yourself as an expert in your niche through article writing you accomplish two things. You get backlinks to your business website and because you have established yourself as an expert, you get credibility and people like to buy from people they believe are experts in their field.

The top article directories for getting ranked high on Google are Ezine Articles and Buzzle. Buzzle requires your article to be unique to their site. Ezine Articles does not require it. Other top article directories are WebProNews, and Like Buzzle, WebProNews requires that articles submitted to them be unique. When you write for any of these sites, you get a high Google ranking for the article itself. When you submit to many article directories, you create many backlinks to your main site and that gives your main website a higher Google ranking. gives you an option to pay to be a featured article on their website for your category. It is expensive and I feel that more people will find your article from a Google search than from going directly to their website so I would not recommend spending the money.

Understand that you are submitting your articles for free to these sites and other people can use your articles on their websites as well. Any time they do, it is free advertising for you.

David Wood got his success from using a program called Automatic Article Submitter to submit his articles to over 100 article directories at the same time. I tried Automatic Article Submitter and was very happy with the results. It takes awhile at first to learn how to use the system but once you get everything set up, submitting articles is very simple. Initially you need to set up logins for each article directory. Automatic Article Submitter has an automated system to set up accounts at each directory and to confirm each account automatically. You can set up the submissions to go to specific directories for specific article topics. You can set up more than one account if you write articles on different topics and don’t want to put them all under the same account. They also allow you to do word spinning on your articles so that each time you submit to a directory, the composition of your article is a little bit different.

I have used Automatic Article Submitter for about a month now and have had my articles appear on the first page of Google for the specific keywords that I am tagging. I am very please with the program and recommend it for those of you who want to write articles. To get Automatic Article Submitter, click here.

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